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SFR Interactions Cellulaires et Applications Thérapeutiques 2

Separated by coma

Organization of the SFR

The missions of the SFR are governed by an internal regulation chart. The SFR is led by a director and a deputy director.

The director is appointed by the University of Angers on the proposal of the SFR ICAT board and appointed for 5 years, renewable once. Its mission is to implement SFR policy and ensure the use of common funds and premises, with the assistance of the deputy director and the SFR office. It is also responsible for the organization of scientific animation. The director, assisted in his duties by the deputy director and the board, ensures representation outside the SFR. The Deputy Director assists the Director of SFR in his duties, in particular representation outside SFR, and is a permanent member of all SFR bodies. SFR's missions and management are discussed collectively at the SFR board. The board's proposals are then presented to the SFR council for validation. Meetings are monthly, alternating between board and council.



The SFR board is made up of the SFR management, unit/team directors, elected members of the research colleges and teacher-researchers, doctoral students, ITAs and platforms, and the dean and deputy director of the UFR Santé. The office assists management in the preparation of SFR council meetings and the application of decisions taken by the SFR council concerning, in particular, heavy and medium-heavy investments, the human resources policy in support of the platforms, major material or real estate projects, in agreement with the other partners, institutional, industrial or research interfaces, communication and scientific monitoring and preparation of the annual report. The proposals drawn up by the board are presented to the SFR council and, after discussion, voted on by the members of the council with voting rights. The voting method is defined in the regulation chart.



The SFR council is made up of the management of the SFR, all the directors of teams/units and platforms (constituent units), elected representatives representing the research colleges and teacher-researchers, doctoral students and research assistants, the dean and one of the deputy directors of the UFR Santé. The board also welcomes a representative of the CHU (director of the clinical research and innovation delegation, DRCI), a representative of Angers Technopole, the vice-president of research and the director of research as well as representatives of the partners (CHU and ICO), local authorities (Angers Loire Métropole) and EPSTs (Inserm and CNRS). The council approves the orientations, decisions or actions undertaken by the SFR and contributes to the reflection on the acquisition of equipment, communication, promotion, training and scientific coordination. It helps in the preparation and organization, once a year, of a general meeting of all SFR staff. SFR council meeting reports are prepared at each meeting and distributed to all members after approval at the following meeting.


An operational unit, bringing together the personnel of the platforms, meets to discuss current files and the problems encountered within the platforms and support activities. Moderated by the director and/or the deputy director, the operational cell can also include members of the office depending on the agenda, particularly on scientific animation themes. The mission of this unit is to ensure the operationalization and daily monitoring of the decisions taken by the SFR. This unit meets every week (maximum 30 minutes), even in the absence of the director.




SFR mission working groups

Recently, the management of the SFR set up working groups dedicated to the main missions devolved to the SFR. These statutory pairs / trinomials are in charge of the following missions:

  • Scientific animation
  • Scientific communication
  • Calls for projects and relations with the Biology / Health doctoral school
  • Structuring of platforms