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SFR Interactions Cellulaires et Applications Thérapeutiques 2

Separated by coma

Promote transdisciplinarity and synergies

Sustain strong interaction with hospital and university authorities

Develop pre-clinical and translational research on the Angers site in complementarity with regional structures, and promote exchanges and representation in Angers with regional or national partners and with the socio-economic world.

Sustain the actions of pooling and rapprochement with clinical research.

Promote transdisciplinary research with other university centers

Human health and plants

Health and Mathematics and Information and Communication Sciences & Technologies

Health and Literature Languages Human and social sciences

Healthcare and the Materials division

Federate teams within the health division

Ensure quality scientific animation through weekly scientific seminars, an annual thematic day and the organization of an "inter-team Journal Club".

Develop site visibility


Develop loco-regional networks

Develop scientific communication

  • Press relations
  • Organization of conferences and congresses

Sensitization of researchers to valorization

  • Organization of valuation sessions
  • Participation in public/private collaboration congresses
  • Link with the socio-economic world

Support for researcher attraction initiatives

Raising awareness and supporting regulatory aspects

Support the evolution of platforms

A structuring of the technological offer, in line with the major scientific themes of the Angevin Health site. This structuring will be an important driver for the emergence of strong, specialized and visible technological axes; it will be accompanied by the emergence of university technical platforms and/or shared between the University of Angers and the CHU in order to offer a continuum of analyzes between preclinical and clinical activities. Gradually, this technological offer should allow the opening of the technical platforms to the provision of services to customers outside the Health site.