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SFR Interactions Cellulaires et Applications Thérapeutiques 2

Separated by coma

The SFR in a few figures

Rougthly 300 people participate daily in the life of the SFR ICAT, including more than 120 teacher-researchers, 13 researchers, 70 research assistants to which we add around 100 PhD students. The dynamic generated by the training of our future PhD within the site's laboratories, strongly supported by the University of Angers, is one of the keys to the success of the research projects developed in the teams.

The structuring of the site is based above all on a federative policy based on 6 technological platforms.

Scientific production is substantial and of a high standard, with an average of 200 original articles each year with articles published in prestigious periodicals (The Lancet Group, Cell Press, NPG, ScienceMag).

The University of Angers is today ranked among the 400 best universities in the world in the field of clinical medicine (source Shanghai, 2020). This ranking is based in particular on the strong interactions established with the research activities of the University Hospital of Angers.