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SFR Interactions Cellulaires et Applications Thérapeutiques 2

SFR 4208

The SFR Cellular Interactions and Therapeutic Applications is essential to the Angevin site. It makes it possible to establish the development of research in biology on the Angers site, while promoting Angers representation with regional or national partners. Its missions are above all to ensure the pooling of the site's platforms, to promote exchanges between laboratories and to serve as a link between institutional partners (University of Angers, Inserm, CNRS, InVS, Region) and research laboratories.

SFR 4208 is composed of health biology research teams from Angers, and is structured around three axes :

  • Cardiovascular diseases and Dysmetabolism
  • Nanomedicine and Biomaterials
  • Immunology, Infectiology and Cancerology