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SFR Interactions Cellulaires et Applications Thérapeutiques 2

Separated by coma

Scientific animation

Presentation of the team of the scientific animation committee:

  • Anaïs Hérivaux, Assistant Prof., IRF
  • Camille Savary, Assistant Prof., MINT
  • Samuel Legeay, Assistant Prof., MINT
  • Flavien Bessaguet, Assistant Prof., MitoVasc

Missions of scientific animation:

  • Organization of Friday Seminars
  • Organization of the SFR scientific day
  • Doctoral club journal
  • Animation of technical mornings

Technical staff of the SFR

Bioinformatics analyzes

Meline Wery

Research engineer

Contact: 02 44 68 84 22 / meline.wery @

Skills :

  • Generation of complex figures (R, python)
  • Analysis of omics data (genomics, transcriptomics...)
  • Sequence analysis
  • Phylogenetic analysis
  • Languages used: Bash, python and R.


Valuation - innovation Health 


Health Valorisation - Innovation Officer

Contact: /

Tasks :

  • Support for researchers in setting up and managing research projects.
  • Strengthen the links between Innovation/Research and Innovation/Training
  • Optimize the detection and support of recovery projects
  • Encourage partnerships with the socio-economic world
  • DRIED referent for the Health division


Anatomopathological analyzes

Quentin Massiquot

Laboratory technician

Contact: 02 44 68 84 61

Skills :

  • Cutting samples with a microtome or cryostat
  • Slide preparations (based on cuts)
  • Scanning of slides
  • Image pre-processing


Technical assistance in preclinical model engineering

Grégory Hilairet

Assistant engineer


Skills :

  • Design and implementation of preclinical protocols


Jerôme Cayon, Engineer (PACeM)


Tasks :

  •  SFR internals informations
  •  Mailing list management
  •  website update